Authorized Internet Reseller/Integrator Policy

For your protection, and to ensure you receive the best advice, pre-and post-sales support, and genuine AV Costar megapixel cameras and accessories, AV Costar recommends only purchasing products through an AV Costar Authorized Reseller, Dealer, Internet Seller, or Systems Integrator.


Professional megapixel surveillance cameras are highly technical devices that require substantial product knowledge for the best possible system design, installation, support, and maintenance that our customers deserve.

AV Costar Authorized Resellers/Dealers/Internet Sellers/Systems Integrators buy from Authorized Distributors around the world and sell to end user customers. They are required to meet certain training criteria and responsibilities mandated by AV Costar to ensure that the vendor is qualified to deliver expertise in AV Costar products and services.

The MAP policy ensures that products sold by are by authorized channels and at fair prices for our customers. Authorized resellers/systems integrators/dealers/internet sellers who have completed these requirements are able to leverage the AV Costar partner portal, comprehensive multi-year warranty, advanced RMA replacement program, and online project registration program. Access is also provided to the pre-sales support of AV Costar Inside Sales team for sales questions, configuration and design assistance of the AV Costar Field Application Engineering team, and support from the award-winning AV Costar Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

This protects those companies that have invested the time and resources into becoming and maintaining their authorized status and in being knowledgeable in AV Costar products to provide the best products choices to protect our customers. Those selling below the MAP policy price are typically those who are both unauthorized and selling products of questionable providence. Websites, internet resellers, and unauthorized resellers offering prices below MAP policy given warning; failure to adjust prices or comply with the terms and conditions listed above are selling products that are not protected by the AV Costar warranty.


For AV Costar products that are purchased from an unauthorized reseller or integrator, the AV Costar multi-year product warranty and TAC customer support services are voided.

AV Costar cannot guarantee that products acquired from unauthorized channels are valid, up to date, and genuine AV Costar cameras and accessories. Counterfeit, damaged, returned, or cameras assembled from inferior or damaged parts cannot be guaranteed from unauthorized sources and thus cannot be warrantied.

Vendors who violate the MAP policy after prior notification by AV Costar are automatically moved to the Unauthorized Reseller/Dealer/Systems Integrator and MAP Violators List.


The following Unauthorized Resellers/Dealers/Systems Integrators are currently on the MAP Violators List. All AV Costar products purchased from these vendors or internet sellers are unauthorized and are not covered under the AV Costar warranty.

If you see online pricing that you believe is in violation of the AV Costar MAP Policy, or to determine if a reseller or systems integrator is authorized, please email us.



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AV Costar reserves the right to make changes or cancel this policy at any time, without notice or recourse.