Project Registration Policy

Last updated: March 8, 2019


  1. Project Registration:  A price-protected quote for the single distributor and single integrator listed on the registration.
    • There are two Requirements to maintain Project Registration Status:
      1. There should be a partnership for the duration of the project between AV Costar, Distributor, Integrator, and End User. 
        • For example, AV Costar should be introduced to the End User and the registering entity should continue to promote AV Costar for the duration of the registered project.
      2. AV Costar must be specified in the project by the time of registration. 
  2. Special Pricing: A special price for multiple distributors or integrators.  No individual price protection is given.
      • Project Registrations may be retroactively turned into a Special Pricing registration.
  3. Addendum: An addition of AV Costar products to your Project Registration or Special Pricing. 
  4. Reprice Request: A request for additional discounts on a Project Registration or Special Pricing registration.
      • Additional discounts are not guaranteed, and the same pricing may be given for a reprice. Requestors must include a reason for reprice.
  5. Extension request: A request to extend the expiration date for your pricing.
  6. Expiration Date: The date the Project Registration or Special Pricing expires.
  7. PR Pricing: The discounted Pricing received through the Online Project Registration System. 
  8. Purchase Date: The expected date of the first purchase of AV Costar products.
  9. Project Registration Number (PR#): The project registration number must be included on every purchase order or credit request. The PR# includes:
    • The Date
    • The Actual Project Registration ID
    • The Regional Sales Leader’s initials
    • The Distributor
    • The Project Name
    • Example: 171110-65401-DC-Example Distributor-Project Name


  1. The registration must be created and fully approved before the purchase is made.
  2. The registration must be active and current in order to ensure that the price(s) are honored.
  3. If a registration expires, the pricing may no longer be protected or available.
  4. The part number and pricing used on the Purchase Order must match the most recent approved Project Registration or Special Pricing.
      • The Registration Number should be provided on any purchase order, credit, or inquiry for a registration.
  5. Addendum, Reprices, or Extensions are not guaranteed and are given on a case-by-case basis.
  6. AV Costar reserves the right to modify or deactivate a Project Registration or Special Pricing at will.