30 Security Technologies Tickle Experts’ Fancies

Published by Security Sales

Boucherle's Pick: Arecont Multisensor Megapixel Camera

A leader and innovator in high-performance yet affordable IP video technology, Arecont Vision continues to deliver on the demands of a fast-moving IP market with new products. The SurroundVideo Omni product delivers in four variations: five-, eight-, 12- or 20-megapixel arrays of four imagers that can be individually positioned for each unique application while only requiring a single installation. This is a significant advantage when considering your customers, needs, budget and your competitive solutions.

The ability to choose the specific lens you need for each imager from a 2.8-16mm fixed lens and privacy masking, and extended motion detection options help systems integrators deliver quality IP video results from a single installation point. Last but not least is the wide dynamic range performance up to 100dB that allows the different imagers to manage variable ambient light sources throughout the day and nighttime hours consistently well.