Arecont Vision Delivers Megapixel Camera Solutions for Banking and Financial Services

Arecont Vision® Megapixel Cameras Deployed At Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, USA
Manchester-Boston Regional Airport chose Arecont Vision cameras as the foundation for their security system
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Retail banks and financial services companies have a long history of dealing with the risk and potential threat of criminal activity. Arecont Vision understands the unique needs of the retail banking and financial services market and provides customer-proven megapixel camera technology to specifically meet those needs for our customers around the world.

Bank Crime Statistics

  • In a typical year in the United States, according to the FBI cash losses total around $7.5 million, only about 22% of which is recovered by law enforcement agencies. Other nations have similar results.
  • Acts of violence are committed in about four percent of the robberies, with employees suffering the most injuries; other countries are not immune and the rate varies around the world.
  • Small banks and branch offices of banks are typically targeted nearly 47 times more often than main offices are in large institutions worldwide.
  • The continuing deployment of IP megapixel camera technology is leading to more identifications and apprehensions of criminal suspects thanks to improved image quality delivering outstanding live video and forensic recording.
  • Panoramic megapixel cameras provide undistorted, high-quality video with 180-360°coverage, non-stop indoors and out.

Bank & Finance Applications

  • Deter internal and external theft
  • Overall security with enough detail for customer and staff ID and vehicle/license plate ID
  • Megapixel provides the ability for facial detail 
    Arecont Vision megapixel cameras versus analogue camera images
    Arecont Vision megapixel cameras provide higher resolution and capture more details than analog or standard network cameras
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Resolve staff and customer disputes  
  • Protect staff, customers, equipment and assets
  • Ability to cover more with less (instead of manpower to control PTZs, panoramic cameras can cover it all of the time)       
  • Increased detail equals better forensics and reduced time from police and security professionals in post event investigations
  • Monitor daily business    
  • Forensic documentation to build cases
  • Provide security, situational awareness, life safety
  • Prevent fraudulent claims
  • Quantifiable return on investment

What Arecont Vision's Customers Say

Omar Valdemar, CPP, VP – Manager, Security Solutions, City National Bank, comments: “When City National Bank began integrating high quality megapixel security system solutions, Arecont Vision was among many cameras that were tested. Arecont Vision’s high resolution and WDR technology made their cameras instrumental tools in City National’s security design

Alex De Barros of AV Enforce (integrator for ABSA Bank, South Africa) says: “Arecont Vision outperforms all the current competitors. The price compared to analog cameras is better considering the fact that you gain so much. We were able to capture images for the bank that were never achieved before.