Arecont Vision Surveillance Cameras Protect Luxury Auto Dealer in Dubai and Other Emirates (Source Security)

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Al Nabooda Automobiles is an authorized dealer and exclusive distributor of Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen with five luxurious showrooms and service centers across Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the northern emirates of Sharjah and Fujairah. Established in 1976, Al Nabooda is the world's largest Porsche dealer (based on a number of vehicles sold) and operates the world's largest Volkswagen service center.


As a leading dealership of luxury automobiles, Al Nabooda must provide a safe and secure environment for its employees and customers, and provide deterrents to minimize damages to vehicles in the showrooms, workshops, and parking areas and prevent theft. To accomplish these needs, Al Nabooda introduced an enterprise-wide initiative to have a centralized physical security system. The executive management was looking for a comprehensive physical security solution that would allow remote monitoring of their facilities. The new video system would also need to meet a variety of specific performance requirements and withstand Dubai's sweltering heat. Additionally, Al Nabooda Automobiles’ management wanted to use the video surveillance system as a business tool to help analyze traffic and evaluate customer support initiatives.

Megapixel solution

Al Nabooda Automobiles turned to Amir A. Kolahzadeh of ITworks, LLC, a Dubai network systems consultancy, design and build services company for their physical security system. Mr. Kolahzadeh’s solution for Al Nabooda Automobiles includes a variety of Arecont Vision cameras in the dealership’s various locations, including SurroundVideo AV8365DN and AV8185DN, day/night 8-megapixel H.264 cameras providing 360-degree and 180-degree panoramic views. These panoramic megapixel cameras provide a highly cost-effective solution by eliminating the need for mechanical pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) devices and reduce the overall number of cameras necessary to provide detailed coverage of large areas. Several Al Nabooda Automobiles dealerships also have Arecont Vision AV1125IR 1.3 Megapixel H.264 MegaView IP cameras. These models are all-in-one day/night bullet-style cameras with a 4.5-10mm varifocal lens, weatherproof enclosure and infrared (IR).

Cameras were positioned to view the dealerships’ sales floors and showrooms, workshops, parts, and service entrances and other locations. A centralized security control center can remotely view live and recorded video from any camera at all locations. Higher-resolution megapixel images enable the system to view small part numbers in stockrooms and workshops, and to track parts being transported from storerooms to workshops.

Megapixel benefits

Megapixel video provides a cost-effective solution covering multiple sites. High-resolution images enable maximum coverage with fewer cameras, and low-light performance enables after-hours surveillance. Arecont Vision cameras use H.264 compression to provide megapixel video in lower-bandwidth streams to meet multi-site streaming and archiving requirements. H.264 compression also allows for 31 days of economical video storage. The camera enclosures' IP66 environmental rating for high humidity and outdoor installation can withstand Dubai's extreme temperatures.