Arecont Vision Will Unveil High Definition Video Surveillance System Based on World’s Fastest 2 Megapixel Network Cameras at ISC West in Las Vegas

Arecont Vision Will Unveil High Definition Video Surveillance System Based on World's Fastest 2 Megapixel Network Cameras at ISC West in Las Vegas

Monday, March 29, 8:15 am ET

Revolutionary MegaVideo™ Technology Enables HDTV Resolution at NTSC Price Product Demos Available at ISC West Show Booth 25137

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 29, 2004-- This week, Arecont Vision, the developer of high-resolution video surveillance cameras and systems, brings its newest product, low-cost AV2000 video surveillance system based on world's fastest 2 megapixel network cameras to Las Vegas for ISC West 2004, the security industry's leading trade show.

Delivering digital HDTV imagery at video rates across local area networks, AV2000 is designed to offer a vastly superior cost-competitive alternative to mainstream NTSC-based video surveillance and industrial monitoring systems.

AV2000 system is enabled by proprietary MegaVideo(TM) technology protected by multiple pending patents. This revolutionary technology leverages dedicated massively-parallel image processing architecture and represents a drastic departure from traditional analog and network camera designs. For the first time, it has become possible to introduce to the market multi-megapixel video systems at NTSC price levels, with cameras priced below $500.

"In today's environment, video surveillance has become an increasingly important part of private and public security. However, despite significant progress in imaging, computing, and networking, inexpensive high-resolution video systems are still not available on the market," said Dr. Vladimir Berezin, President of Arecont Vision. "As a result, the majority of today's video surveillance systems have to rely on analog cameras with 525-line resolution limited by the 50-year-old NTSC standard. Arecont Vision's mission is to offer the users of analog CCTV comparably priced fully digital highresolution systems with superior performance and functionality."

In addition to remote access and digital video archival functionality typical for today's network-based systems, Arecont Vision products offer unique capabilities unattainable with NTSC/VGA cameras. In sharp contrast to low-resolution systems, MegaVideo(TM) technology allows simultaneous delivery of full field of view and high-quality zoomed images at video rates, post-event zoom-in capability from archived footage, and instantaneous no-moving-parts pan and tilt required for tracking of fast-moving targets.


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