AV Costar Celebrates ConteraIP Omni LX Remote Setup Multi-Sensor Camera General Availability

The latest member of the advanced Omni family of omni-directional, adjustable view multi-sensor cameras was released this week for general customer availability. The early customer trial program has been completed with positive results for the Omni LX Remote Setup, and both models of the camera are released to manufacturing. As such, shipments are now being scheduled for AV Costar customers everywhere.  

The launch teams celebrated release of this powerful new camera system at both the AV Costar Headquarters and Development Center in Glendale, Los Angles County, and at the Advanced Technology Center in Clovis in Fresno County. Brad Donaldson, VP of Product Development, joined the team in Clovis to host the joint office event with Shane Compton, GM of AV Costar and Chief Engineering Officer of corporate parent Costar Technologies, Inc.

The Omni LX Remote Setup is also in the running for industry recognition awards for innovation and performance in time for ISC West, being held in Las Vegas, NV which has recently been rescheduled to July.  Stay tuned for more news on that soon!


About the ConteraIP Series Omni LX Remote Setup Camera

The newest Omni model was a highlight of the Costar booth at September's GSX 2018 show in Chicago, and will again be one of the cameras featured when the ISC West Expo opens two weeks from today.

Our predecessor business first pioneered adjustable-view or omnidirectional multi-sensor camera technology for the security industry beginning in 2014. AV Costar, as a member of the Costar companies, has continued to invest in the design, development, sale, and support of multiple new product offerings. A special emphasis on quality and relability was a mandate included in the design of the newest Omni.

All Omni modes feature 4 individual megapixel sensors mounted in multi-axis gimbals in a single dome. This allows the sensors to be independently moved 360 degrees to virtually any position, covering the widest possible viewing range with a single, high performance camera. This capability reduces cost and complexity for many projects, by significantly reducing the number of cameras, cabling, and VMS licensing required while delivering improved, non-stop, high resolution video coverage. The Contera Omni LX Remote Setup camera and it's sister model from the MegaIP family, the SurroundVideo Omni G3, have together pioneered the remote setup capability in this type of camera. 

Each motorized sensor gimbal in the Omni LX Remote Setup camera can be controled through the pan, tilt, zoom, and focus controls from anywhere on the network to obtain the best view. Omni LX preset selections offer 360, 270, or 180o fields of view speed setup, and additional views can be created and saved by the user. The PoE-supporting Omni LX offers a choice of 8 or 20MP models capable of streaming video at up to 30fps (frames per second) with outstanding video quality for indoor/outdoor use, during both day and night conditions.


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