Milestone Video Management Software Supports Radar, Arecont Vision Remote Setup Feature

COPENHAGEN – November 9, 2017. Milestone Systems, the globally leading open platform company in networked video management software (VMS) has released Device Pack 9.4 for partners and customers using Milestone XProtect video solutions.  

The bi-monthly device packs contain software updates for XProtect video management to support new hardware. This year, Milestone reached an industry-first 6,000 supported devices, with new ones constantly being added to each device pack that comes out. Supporting the widest possible range of devices is a steadfast foundation of the company’s open platform promise to the Milestone Community. 

Radar Technology with Intelligent Algorithms

With this latest Device Pack 9.4 release, partners in the Milestone community gain advantages from the support for IoT devices like the new AXIS D2050-VE Network Radar Detector.

Radar uses electromagnetic waves to detect movement, no matter the lighting conditions. The technology keeps false alarms to a minimum, which saves unnecessary investigation and wasted time by security guards. The reason for this is that radar is not sensitive to the things that normally trigger false alarms for motion detection in video cameras. This could be moving shadows or light beams, small animals, raindrops or objects moved by wind.

The radar detector provides crucial information about detected objects that video cameras are not able to deliver – such as an object’s exact position, and the speed and direction of its movement. This means that radar can be used to set up advanced perimeter protection.

The AXIS Radar Configuration Plugin for Milestone XProtect provides easy management of the radar device making it possible to access the unit’s configuration page directly from the Milestone Management Client. With AXIS Radar Configuration Plugin, system administrators can easily set rules for swaying objects and detection zones.

Other Highlights of the Device Pack 

Edesix is a new alliance partner in the Milestone community, introducing a portfolio of body-worn cameras. Integration based on ONVIF specifications has been made to the Edesix VideoManager back-end server/software.  

Milestone support has been extended for the Arecont Vision SNAPStream technology to cover multiple single-sensor models. Milestone XProtect is also the first VMS to officially support the Arecont Vision Remote Setup functionality for the latest generation of multi-sensor cameras, Arecont Vision Omni G3.

The Milestone XProtect Device Pack 9.4 is available now for download from