Technology Partner Program

The AV Costar Technology Partner Program is designed to establish and grow partnerships with elite manufacturers through software and hardware integration, sales collaboration, and joint marketing. The program is open to ISV/IHV (independent software or independent hardware vendor) manufacturers that build and sell a complimentary product or technology to what AV Costar offers for the benefit of our customers.

Video Partners

AV Costar builds industry-leading megapixel camera products that are open in nature and leverage industry standards including ONVIF and other bodies. With a simple unified API across all camera lines, most Video Partners developed and maintain custom drivers that make camera discovery, setup, and configuration fast and seamless. The very best integrations take advantage of the AV Costar “Future Proof” feature which ensures cameras released in the future will work on existing drivers. Analytic software is now part of the video category, too. Click here to see a list of VMS and NVR Partners.

Infrastructure Partners

Joining the Technology Partner Program portfolio is the new Infrastructure Partner category which expands access to manufacturers of world-class products in additional categories of the surveillance and security industry ecosystem. Participation is open to manufacturers of products that include PSIM, servers, storage, network infrastructure, wireless, cybersecurity, structured cabling, illumination, optics, enclosures, utility software, and accessories. Infrastructure Partners have a track record of successful joint installations with AV Costar products, as well as a commitment to continuing sales, development, and support collaboration. Click here to see Infrastructure Partners.


Testing and certification of Technology Partner products occur in the AV Costar MegaLab. The MegaLab is an extensive facility that features AV Costar cameras and multiple Technology Partner products. Learn more about the MegaLab by clicking here.

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